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I was hired by ALSO in June 2018 and worked with them until February 2019. ALSO is a partner of Microsoft which specializes in digital software and solutions for IT clients in 28 different countries. I formed part of the freelance team at ALSO and worked on a variety of marketing campaigns and landing page designs. For the marketing campaigns I made banners in different sizes for all social media channels using the styling that I implemented in the landing page designs. This is also included designing print materials or flyers when necessary. I designed the landing pages in Sketch and worked with the developers using Zeplin. I often also made the templates for the landing pages using Unbounce. I often had to make custom icons for the pages and source stock images for the ads. This made my work with ALSO very diverse and enriching. Below are some examples of the various projects I worked on for also.

Business IT

One of the products I worked on the most profoundly at ALSO was Business IT. Business IT was created by ALSO to provide a platform for businesses to connect with IT experts from the ALSO network. One of the first things I was asked to do for Business IT was to create a simple logo. The idea was to create a new sub-brand of ALSO which had a different logo but an established connection to it's mother brand. Below are samples of the many logos I designed.

Once we decided on a final logo I made the website for Business IT. This consisted of an "about us" page, the homepage, a "thank you" page after customers asked for more information, a landing page for cyber security products, a landing page for health workers and a landing page for companies. The designs were made in german and some assets had to be produced in german and english. Below you can see the different pages I designed for Business IT, including a sample of the final logo in the header.

One of the most challenging part of this project was creating an animation for the homepage. This consisted of icons which should animate horizontally. Since the asset was for a website it has to animate smoothly but be small in size. Having the website template made in unbounce the animation had to be made manually. It was challenging to achive for all the icons to look seamless and for the looping to run smoothly. After trying to create a GIF as suggested I decided it would be better to create an SVG animation. Below is the one of the two versions I made for the Business IT website.

One of the final parts of the project was to create the banners for social media. I was asked to create banners for each target audience (homepage, security, health and companies) each in 12 different sizes or more. Below you can see one of the final banners as well as samples of my working file with all the different banner sizes. Apart from this I created a confidential information sheet to be to ALSO partners.

SPLA Landing Page, Banners and Report

SPLA (Services Provider License Agreement) is provided by microsoft for customers to lisence Microsoft products eligibly. ALSO wanted to offer a software, that would automate the reporting of SPLA for customers not to have to do this manually each month. Using the ALSO branding and look-and-feel I created a landing page for this service. I started by sketching out a wireframe of what the landing page could look like and discussing the ideas in team. Below are some of the sketches used for the wireframe.

Once the rough wireframe was approved I made a high fidelity wireframe to get a better idea of the content and how it could be laid out. Following this I started to create the final design. Below you can see the high fidelity wireframe (left) and the final design (right) side by side. As you can tell some sections had to be adjusted in the final design. It was a good learning experience to understand that not everything can be planned in the high-fidelity wireframe since once the final design assets are implemented, there needs to be room for further refining and experimentation.

Apart from the landing page for SPLA I also made banners for Linkedin, the ALSO newsletter and the ALSO webshop in 5 different sizes in 8 different languages. You can see some of these examples below. In addition I created a private report with the price changes for ALSO to share with potential customers.

Learning experiences

Working with also I learned the value of having an organized file and organized assets. I worked together with another designer and a team of developers and marketing professionals. Since we had to share both the working files and the assets for each project, it was important they everything stayed organized and with proper learning conventions. I also had the chance to experience creating banners for social media in various different sizes and the challenges one can face when adjusting these to different languages. I gathered many skills like stock photo sourcing, creating landing pages in unbounce, using existing brand materials and illustrations to create landing pages and promotional material, creating cutome logos and animations for new products and much more. I ever grateful for the ALSO team for the great team work and for allowing me to work on such a bunt collection of products and assets.

Animated banner for Skykick Campaign