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#makeplay provides activities for busy parents with projects that encourage creativity, self-directed play and learning.

The platform was created in order to encourage parents to stimulate young children with simple home-made activities rather than relying on the iPad and other technologies for entertainment.

You can view the website at

Promotional posters for makeplay

Solving a problem

In 2014 when the iPad started to become a popular family device, I began to notice a lot of young children spending their time playing on this digital device rather than with other stimulating games and activities. Bothered by this problem, I decided to find a solution that would encourage parents to continue to practice stimulating activities with their children.

My intial idea was to create a campaign with posters highlighting the negative side-effects of children using technology at a young age. However, I realized the this would only highlight the problem more but not provide a solution. After braninstorming a few other ideas, I decided to develop and design a website with non-technology activities for children.

After sketching more details, I made a clean wireframe of what the #makeplay platform would look like.

Initial grid wireframe for makeplay

Detail of image grid for makeplay


In the beginning the idea was to use activities found in books and online blogs and create a community where parents and teachers could also upload creative activities done with children. Shortly, I found out that this would recquire a more complicated CMS system and I needed some content to start with before relying on users to feed the content of the platform.

With the help of many blogs, I adapted the easiest and most stimulating activities and recreated them myself. I then photographed each activity, added the instruction and started to build up the platform.

High fidelty mock up of the plarform

A slightly different approach to what the website could look like


Finally, I decided to make a very simple website which parents can browse through in order to find the most simple activity to do with their kid. While travelling, at a restaurant, outside or at home, there should always be a simple enough game that will stimulate kids to develop fine motor skills rather than playing with a technological device.

Homepage, live website

Detail of image grid, live website

Makeplay has been live since 2015 with the hope of providing a better alternative to the iPad as a game or tool for play for small children. I hope that parents and caregivers around the world can use this platform and make their own play. Using the hash tag #makeplay, the idea is that users of the website share what they have made with inspiration from

You can see the live website at