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Tradebay - The Global Fruit Trading Community

In 2021 I joined Tradebay. Tradabay is a platform which helps buyers and sellers navigate the global fruit marketplace freely and independently. The product is composed of a public-facing website for everyone to view and a private customer app for registered users. Given that most users navigate on their mobile devices, Tradebay places great emphasis on the mobile interaction of both the website and the customer application. I therefore had the opportunity to work on scalable designs (for mobile and desktop) tailored to the complicated infrastructure of the Tradebay product.

Live Tradebay homepage, designed by Elisa Laptop mockup credits: Freepik

Defining Tradebay Branding

The first thing Tradebay wanted to define was a new branding image. I proposed a variety of color and typography variations. The final decision was made together: a bright and organic color-palette with a serious and modern look.

Restructuring of the Tradebay Website

Once we had decided on appropriate colors and fonts I applied the new look-and-feel to the public-facing website. We worked together on restructuring the information on the website. To do so we created a virtual site-map which you can see below.

Site-map for the Tradebay's public facing website

Design Research for the new Website

After agreeing on the information that should be on the website I gathered research and inspiration and created wireframes and flows which I presented to the team. Below are some screenshots of the presentation I shared with Tradebay in order to show the team some ideas for the website re-design.

Website Design and Development

After deciding on a layout direction I re-designed the existing website. I provided the team with a few designs to choose from. Once a design was decided upon I worked closely with the developer to create the new public website. I was given access to the code and was able to make a few UI fixes before pushing the website live. Below is a screenshot of the old public-facing website and a screenshot of the new website. To view further projects I did with Tradebay please click here.

Original Design of Tradebay Website

Re-Design of Tradebay Website in 2021