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The Adventurer Inside

When I do exercise I feel alive. Specially when I am outdoors pushing my body to its limits. It happens when I take a long biking trip. I experienced it again today as I was hiking up one of the mountains in the Bavarian Alps. I always think about my mom and dad telling me that when I was in my mom's tummy I wouldn't stop kicking. My dad even thought I was going to be boy and was very excited to have a soccer player in the family. My body composition is in fact quite thick. This used to bother me when I was a teenager. I wanted to be thin and feminine. Now that I grow older I think about this and appreciate the way I am. I wonder why I was born so strong and what I need to do in order to use my strength to its fullest. Unfortunately all the career paths I have found are quite sedentary. I hope one day I can combine movement and strength to my daily routine without having to exercise "out of context".

Towards Jochberg. Photo: Adam Goldstein.

In school I was never that good at team sports. This unmotivated me but didn't keep me from being active. Both of my parents are quite healthy and cherish sport as a means to a healthy lifestyle. Once I accepted that team sports weren't my thing I started jogging. All my teenage and university years jogging was my hobby. And I meet some people along the way that would inspire me to jog more, further, faster. About two years ago I discovered that doing toning exercises is a good way to strengthen my body as well. Since then I have left jogging but am exploring a new path to be strong. Sometimes I am challenge myself a lot, sometimes I drown in daily life and loose my practice and motivation, but I seldom cease to integrate sport in my daily life, even if it's just stretching.

Since around my third year in Berlin I meet someone who inspired me to ride my bike long distance . Since then I started to become more adventurous. Whenever I push my body to ride it's fullest is when I feel the best and most proud of myself. Not only was I born with a strong body but I have been very resilient since a young age. I am not sure how this developed but I am very grateful to be this way. I like challenges. I like to keep going and achieve new goals. Sometimes I get caught up in daily life, or get too comfortable with my limits, but whenever I get out of my comfort zone and reach a new goal I feel proud, I feel alive. And when others can get inspired by this I am even more inspired. I need to keep pushing, keep on finding new adventures and keep on getting stronger. I hope one day I can use my strength in my daily life without having to incorporate sport "out of context". Everyone has their passion. Everyone finds what makes them feel alive. And everyone should strain to keep on challenging themselves. This is the adventurer that everyone has inside.