Observations of Nature

You don't need to be surrounded by nature to observe nature. Nature is all around us. It is in the ingredients that sit in front of you before you eat your lunch...
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Have you ever heard that saying about having "good hands" for plants or for baking? I hear it quite often in my family and probably because my plants are usually happy...
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A Bunt World

AI have been nurturing myself with the food that I save from the bio supermarket with The Real Junk Food Project in Berlin for around three years now...
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Our Mind

As humans we have one very powerful tool and that is the mind. According to this article from ThoughtCo. "The brain is the tangible, visible part of the physical body...
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The very act of writing this post today, on the 2nd of January, makes what I want to write somewhat ironic. I watched this very inspiring video by Yuval Harari the other day...
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Eat it All

The more I became conscious about unnecessary actions that were ecologically unsustainable, the more I learned and opened my horizons when it came to food...
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A Trip to Buy Bananas

I chose the title for this post because it was this specific trip to the supermarket that inspired me to write about how one little action can change another persons experience, day...
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Our world of technology

Whenever I am about to travel on a long journey home, one of the hardest decisions for me to make is: do I bring my computer with me or do I take a vacation from technology...
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My first blog, my first post

I think, and I hope, that this will be the post with the most boring subject that I write. Why is it boring? Well, you may find it interesting, but for me it is just a way of breaking the...
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