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Have you ever heard that saying about having "good hands" for plants or for baking? I hear it quite often in my family and probably because my plants are usually happy and my cakes usually rise well. To be honest though, I have never met someone that has better "hands" than my grandma. This woman can turn everything into life. Her orchids last for years and her dishes are incomparable. It is funny because she is so humble that she says that she barely takes care of her plants and she barely cooks anymore. It is partly true, she has someone that helps her, but this makes me believe even more that it might not only be in the hands themselves that this magic comes from but from the energies themselves.

I have become more aware of my inner energy for the last few years. Yoga and reconnecting with myself has helped me but also just being more aware of the things around me. Sometimes I think it might be an excuse, just another human form of trying to define why things are the way they are. But most of the time, I truly believe that the energies are there and you either feel them, see them, or ignore them through pure naivety. When my dad told me that "I have magical hands" because I baked my first bread and it looked great, I joked and said, "If I have magical hands, what does grandma have? Is it hereditary?". But in reality I think it has nothing to do with genes. I think everyone is capable of developing this "good" energy which is transposed into everything around us.

More recently I have been translating my Yoga and Meditation practice into my every day actions. Something that comes almost naturally the more time I put into my practice. I notice that I do my everyday actions with more care and sensitivity. I clean the dishes as if they were my own skin... It doesn't take Yoga in particular to develop this type of awareness.

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