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My first blog post

I think, and I hope, that this will be the post with the most boring subject that I write. Why is it boring? Well, you may find it interesting, but for me it is just a way of breaking the ice and jumping straight into this thing. Maybe not so boring after all, I tend to be a bit pessimistic sometimes. Anyways, the reason why I would consider it "boring" is because I will just rant about my decision making process in making this blog, and why it took me so long to make it.

Doesn't this image inspire you to write?

My little plant in my kitchen. Photograph: Elisa Winograd

One of the reasons why I decided to make a blog is because most of the great designers I know, reflect about their work through writing. But there are many other reasons behind it because I don't want this blog to be just a design blog, I want it to be about my personal journey though life. Or rather, in a less phylosophical way, a place where I can write about things I want others to see. I have always liked writing, and since I was about 8 years old I have had a journal. But writing in a public interface is far different than writing in your personal notebook that no one can (or should) read. This is the reason why I was so hesitant about it for so long. Why would I tell people what I am thinking? Why would I spend the time to write publicly? Well now I see that it is a different type of writing and it is actually quite liberating. I would actually encourage a lot of people to do it.

So I guess this will be a short one since the topic is not too extensive. I hope my posts will get better and better as time goes on. Thank you for reading.

Maybe your perspective on the same plant is now different.

Same plant in my kitchen. Photograph: Elisa Winograd